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Which Library Broke?

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ReportVersions::Tiny - 2012-12-04

The CPAN is built on a few key principles that make it such a success. One of them is that you don't have to write every part of the library you want to write. You can declare that it depends on some other preexisting library, and that library will be found and installed. Still, there's sometimes a cultural pressure to require as few prerequisites as to require as old a version as possible. In other words, it's often preferable to avoid making anybody install or upgrade anything. On the other hand, it's also frowned upon to put an upper limit on versions. (Actually, it's technically difficult to specify a bounded range, so those frowns are redundant and maybe I just made them up.)

Keeping track of what versions you actually need, then, often works like this:

  1. declare that you need version 0

  2. wait for somebody to tell you things aren't working

  3. figure out what prerequisite library versions are unusual

  4. ask the user to upgrade or downgrade libraries until it works

  5. adjust the listed prequisites

The problem here is #3. It's a pain for the reporting user to go compile his installed versions, and it's a pain to do it yourself for comparison. On the bright side, the CPAN Testers, who can never be sufficiently thanked for their contributions to the CPAN, usually submit reports that include all the data needed here. You can look at almost any random report and find the prerequisites listed, both as they were requested and as they were found. That's great, if you're getting reports from CPAN smoke bots. It doesn't cover everybody else.

For everybody else, the trick is to write a little program that prints out a table like the one in the tester's report: for each prereq, it shows the requested and found version of the module. A program to do that is simple, but sort of a tedious pain to write. As with almost anything useful but boring, there's a Dist::Zilla plugin to do it for you.

Actually, there are several.

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ReportVersions::Tiny spits out a 000-report-versions-tiny.t file like the one linked to above. One of the best things about that plugin is that it generates a test program with no extra prerequisites. It produces a simple, useful program that you can bundle along with your distribution, and whose output will be included, by default, with any test run, and there's no "cost" in more prereqs for the installing user.

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::ReportPrereqs does much the same job, but lets you tweak the list a bit to add other libraries you know you care about that aren't otherwise in your module list — but it doesn't include the requested version in its output, and only runs if the AUTOMATED_TESTING environment variable is set.

Even if the reporting user isn't sending a "real" CPAN Testers report, it's easy to get the table you need. Just ask the user to run:

  $ perl -Mblib t/000-report-versions-tiny.t | nopaste

(Everybody has nopaste installed, right?)

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