Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What? Why? How?

    Here are Mark Fowler's comments about the original calendar:

    Also "see" this interview, and the original about document.

  2. Can I bitch and moan about the color scheme of the 2007 calendar?

    Sure, but it won't do you any good. If you look at the code you'll see that future links point to the current page, therefore they've been "visited" and are intentionally shown in a muted scheme; there's no point in cluttering the image with bright links to non-existent content. As links to actual content are added they show up as white and yellow. There should be no problem finding the day's box if you've been keeping up with the calendar. Regardless, it'll never be perfect without resorting to translucency which isn't yet a standard. As an alternative, one can always hover and read the status bar, use the RSS feed, or simply type in the URI (http://domain/year/day/) though.

  3. What's with the musical rabbits on the cover of 2006?

    They're llamas you insensitive clod!

  4. Where did you get the image for the 2006 page?

    After some extensive browsing of Google Images for camelids I came across a thumbnail of the image on a page where the artist sells prints of some of the artwork she creates for her magazine about llamas. I asked if she would be willing to provide me with a larger version of the image and Ms. McGrath, noting that her grandfather is also an MIT alumnus, happily agreed.

  5. Why was the 2005 calendar called YAP(A)C?

    It was not clear at the time whether or not Mark Fowler would publish future calendars or if this was a one time thing, so the name "Yet Another Perl Advent Calendar" was used. The parantheses were added to: allude to YAPC, optionally remove the religious connotation.

  6. What license is the calendar published under?

    Earlier editions by Mark Fowler (2000—2004) are available under the Academic Free License.

    For recent versions (2005—to date), unless otherwise noted:

    However, an entire calendar should be considered under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial License.

    Images are copyright their respective, attributed owners.

  7. Can I help?

    Sure. If you know of a worthy module you did not write, or are interested in writing for us, let us know.

    We'll also accept collaboratively translated & verified versions of calendars to publish here alongside the originals.

  8. Why don't you idiots use strict; and warnings or follow best practice _____?

    Since our goal is to provide clear examples of usage rather than instances of best practice, we keep things to a bare minimum. While we certainly advocate and practice bondage and discipline ourselves, we tend to exclude pragmas and shebang from code samples unless they are crucial to the demonstrated behavior.

  9. Don't camels belong to that Tim guy?

    The use of camels in association with Perl is a trademark of O'Reilly Media,and are employed here with their kind permission.