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Perl Advent 2011 - 2011-12-25

Merry Christmas from PerlAdvent.pm

Well, yesterday was the final day of our Advent calendar, and hopefully everyone enjoyed it! Now it's Christmas and I'm off to enjoy some time with family, friends, and new toys.

As always, the Perl Advent Calendar is a group effort, and I'd like to thank everyone who contributed this year: brian d foy, Cory G Watson, David Golden, David Wheeler, Jesse Luehrs, Piers Cawley, and Shawn M Moore. If you'd like to contribute an article for next year, you've got just about 365 days to do it! Lucky for you, 2012 is a leap year, and you'll get an extra day for planning.

If you want to help with the site or other things in the meantime, you can <s>join our mailing list</s> visit the perladvent/Perl-Advent GitHub repo where we'll be talking about work that needs to get done on things like the FAQ, the site generator, and all that sort of thing. You can find the site's contents on GitHub, which should contain the 2011 articles by the time you see this. It's not exactly how it should be, but it's there.

So until I'm back at Christmas 2012 – if I don't come to my senses and quit this job – have a merry Christmas and an excellent new year!

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