Perl Advent Calendar 2010-12-09

Making a list and checking it twice

by Jerrad Pierce

Spending most of his time staring at a blinking prompt, Glugg used to use command line tools to email himself todos. Alas, the system quickly became unmanageable even with ability to bring the full power of the GNU toolset to bear on his MH folders. He was familiar with but liked having the ability to add tasks from anywhere with access to email. Therefore Glugg was thrilled when he found, a like interface to the web-based Hiveminder service. Besides the ability to add tasks by email, and hand-out special email addresses to others for them to submit tasks to as well, Glugg was fond of the braindump action which allowed him to create multiple (un)related tasks at once in his favorite text editor1.

% ls --tag xmas
#XYZZX Mull cider [xmas]
#XYZZY Get tree [xmas]

% braindump

String popcorn & cranberries [xmas]
  but first: #XYZZY
Wrap gifts [xmas]
  but first: Buy them [xmas]
  and then: Ship them [xmas]

0 tasks updated, 4 tasks created, 0 tasks marked completed

% --tag xmas #ls is optional
#XYZZX Get tree [xmas]
#XYZZY Mull cider [xmas]
#XZ001 String popcorn & cranberries [xmas]
#XZ002 Wrap gifts [xmas]
#XZ003 Buy them [xmas]
#XZ004 Ship them [xmas]

1. Even if this did lead him to start questioning the evils of whitespace as syntax.

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