Perl Advent Calendar 2010-12-06

Spreading Christmas Cheer

by Jerrad Pierce

Although we mentioned them last year, many people have overlooked our links to other advent calendars past and present, so they are tacked to the wall on the front page.

As we noted yesterday Santa loves FLOSS, so he uses ODF where possible, but unfortunately some of his contractors and suppliers flirt with getting themselves on the naughty list and send or request icky, undocumented binary format files. Consequently, Glugg's even been able to convert some of the accountants to Perl with XLSperl, a tool for spreadsheet-manipulating one-liners.

# Find out who is naughty
% XLSperl -lane '$F{B} !~ "Nice" and print $F{A}' mod6.xls

Presently -autosplit mode's %F keys are column letters, a debatable improvement over numeric indexes into @F, but hopefully it can eventually keyed by header RT#63689.

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