Perl Advent Calendar 2010-12-22++


by Jerrad Pierce

Contrary to popular perception, Santa doesn't actually know your name. Do you have any idea how many Timothy Cratchit's there are in New Jersey alone? No, he keeps track of everybody via a hash of some vital info, but 8577145dd4d2191dbd6f7a8ad293c0f4c266b233 is a little difficult to remember and pronounce, so he prefers to use Digest::BubbleBabble; even though it's sole function must be explicitly imported, and unlike other Digest routines it expects its single argument to be passed as a key-value pair. Therefore one well known individual bearing this moniker1 was actually known up North as xocel-lyheh-tohat-dikec-tazak-zovym-pogun-faboz-gubik-kosaf-faxox. It might not roll off the tongue at first, but it's certainly unique.

1. "NOM=>Timothy Cratchit; POB=>London, England; DOB=>1843-12-19"

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