Perl Advent Calendar 2010-12-14

All I want for Christmas is something newer than 5.5.3

by Jerrad Pierce

If your shop is anything like Santa's, you probably have a number of legacy systems kicking about concerns of a special breed of feature creep: the incorporation of nifty but non-nessential modern syntax in new code precluding its use with older versions of perl. Fortunately a certain clever Aussie—no not him, the other one—has seen fit to provide a tool to check for just such issues, Perl::MinimumVersion. Since it's built on PP/tt, it theoretically has the ability to recognize whether potentially offending code is protected by an eval, like the else block below:

#MAGIC minifig0
  $self->{_file} = _canonical($self->{-d}, $self->{-f}, qr/\.[ft]lf/,
                              $^O =~ /MSWin32|DOS/i);
  $self->{_file} = (glob($self->{_file}.'.?lf'))[0] unless -e $self->{_file};

  $self->{_fh} = gensym;            #5.005 support
  eval "use IO::Uncompress::Unzip";
  unless( $@ ){
      $self->{_fh} = eval{ IO::Uncompress::Unzip->new($self->{_file}) } ||
          confess("No such file or directory: $self->{_file}");
      open($self->{_fh}, '<'.$self->{_file}) || confess("$!: $self->{_file}");
      #$^W isn't mutable at runtime in 5.005, so we have to conditional eval
      #to avoid "Useless use of constant in void context"
      eval "binmode(\$fh, ':encoding(utf8)')" unless $] < 5.006;
#MAGIC minifig1

Alas, the reason perlver currently thinks the above code—from Text::FIGlet, which purposefully maintains backwards compatability—is Perl 5.0053 compataible because it's not aware of IO layers, not because it sees the modern syntax is safely inside a string eval.

% perlver lib/Text/FIGlet/ 

 | file                    | explicit | syntax | external |
 | ------------------------------------------------------ |
 | lib/Text/FIGlet/ | ~        | v5.5.3 | n/a      |
 | ------------------------------------------------------ |
 | Minimum explicit version : ~                             |
 | Minimum syntax version   : v5.5.3                        |
 | Minimum version of perl  : v5.5.3                        |

However it will pick up on a number of issues like 3-arg open or INIT blocks, and could be easily updated by some kindly elves to cover more cases. Even its current state though, App::MinimumVersion would be a nice addition to pre-check-in automated tests of code kwalitee.

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