Perl Advent Calendar 2010-12-12

メリー VAXmas

by Jerrad Pierce

After a few hundred years one's memory starts to go, and it's easy to forget the ins and outs of your favorite language, especially if one tends to be preoccupied with whether or not little Suzy is a sleep and just how good Daryl has been this year. perlzonji is an extensible wrapper around perldoc (clones). Its plugins maps keywords entered on the command line into the appropriate manual page for you to reference, so although you might not remember where __WARN__ lives, perlzonji can direct you to perlvar

% perldoc __DATA__
No documentation found for "__DATA__".
% perlzonji __DATA__
SelfLoader(3)            User Contributed Perl Documentation           SelfLoader(3)

       SelfLoader - load functions only on demand

           package FOOBAR;
           use SelfLoader;

           ... (initializing code)

           sub {....

Obviously some of the mappings aren't quite what one would expect, and because it uses perldoc to do the heavy lifting it is not able to mimic the -f behavior of only showing the relevant part of the documentation for the supplied keyword, or jumping to it. However, the plugin structure is simple enough:

use 5.008;
use strict;
use warnings;

package App::perlzonji::Plugin::VMS;
$VERSION = 12.25;

# ABSTRACT: Plugin for labels
use App::perlzonji;
    'matches.add' => sub {
        my ($class, $word, $matches) = @_;

	#Create $RE here for funny functions on VMS

        if ($word =~ /^$RE$/) { push @$matches, 'perlvms' }
) if $^O eq 'VMS';
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