YA Perl Advent Calendar 2005-12-22

I'm heading out of town for the holidays tomorrow afternoon and so have been busy preparing, I apologize for the scanty coverage today. I will have only intermittent connectivity at best, however I still hope to finish out the calendar, perhaps prewriting some content tomorrow morning. Or, as always, if you have a suggestion or would like to contribute: contact jpierce@cpan

Happy Holly Days

Sometimes you'd like to know when perl began supporting a certain feature; perhaps out of a desire to maintain backward compatibility/document your own module's feature incompleteness for non-modern perls, or simply as a history lesson. Well, as far as modules included in the core distribution are concerned you need look no further than Module::CoreList. It provides a method for determining a module's first availability, as well as version release dates and relatives. Personally, I was surprised to learn how old Math::Big* is—available as far back as 5.00!

As of yet, there does not seem to be a comparable resource for CORE features, although it's been on my LIKETODO list for sometime.