The 2001 Perl Advent Calendar
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On the 24th day of Advent my True Language brought to me..

If you've never seen Damian give his talk on Quantum::Superpostions then I can highly recommend it if he is able to give one in your area. Damian came to London and gave all of a quick talk on all of this. It involved many Mars bars. It was very funny.

The module itself supposes a form of quantum computer was available and creates an interface that can be used to do complex calculations in constant times by combining the superpositions of states. Imagine having a scalar that represents every element of a list simultaneously. And checking if an element in the list only takes constant time - it's no longer related to the length of the list. Spooky

Of course quantum computers aren't an everyday occurrence yet (no matter what

  • IBM are up to
  • ) and perl hasn't been ported to them just yet. So perl cheats and does everything in non linear time. And searching though lists takes a long time again :-(. But should the quantum machine become common in the workplace perl will be there ahead of the game....

    Until then, we're left with a module that is actually capable of doing some rather nice set calculations in a reasonably unambiguous way. It's also really easy to map predicate logic onto Q::S scalars, so it might even prove to be useful in that manner - but don't tell anyone I told you so

  • Quantum::Entanglement
  • IBM's attempts at Quantum Computers